Yadgir Candidates List- Karnataka Elections 2018

The Assembly Elections in Shahpur of Yadgir constituency has always been famous as Election within families since 1967-2013.

Yadgir Candidates list

Former MLA Sharanabasappa Darshanapur and his father Baapugowda Darshanapur, and Present MLA Guru Patil Shirawal and his father Late Shivashekarappa Gowda Shirawal have always had a control over the constituency.

From a period of 1957 to 2013, except in 1957 where Virupakshappa won, in 1962 where Mahantaswamy won, in 1967 where Raja Venkatappa Naik won and in 1978 where Shivanna Savoora won, all of the remaining elections are won by Darshanapur and Shirawal family members.

From 1985 to 2018, the election has always taken place between Darshanapur and Shirawal families. It is expected that in 2018 Assembly Elections too, these two families will compete given that BJP gives the ticket to Guru Patil Shirawal and Congress gives the ticket to Sharanabasappagouda Darshanapur. Since the JD(S) candidate in Shahpur constituency Ameenreddy Yalagi is the new face in the constituency, it is expected that the competition is only between these two families.

Yadgir Candidates list

1. Constituency Name: Yadgir

Present MLA: Dr. Maalakareddy (INC)

  • BJP: Venkata Reddy Mudnal
  • Congress: Dr. A B Maalaka Reddy
  • JD(S): A C Kadalur

2. Constituency Name: Gurmitkal

Present MLA: Baburao Chinchanasoor (INC)

  • BJP: Saibanna Borbanda
  • Congress: Baaburao Chinchanasur
  • JD(S): Naganagowda Kandakura

3. Constituency Name: Surapur

Present MLA: Raja Venkatappa Naik (INC)

  • BJP: Sri Narasimha Naik
  • Congress: Raja Venkatappa Naik
  • JD(S): Raju Krishna Naik

4. Constituency Name: Shahapur

Present MLA: Guru Patil Shirawal (KJP)

  • BJP: Guru Patil Shiraval
  • Congress: Sharana Basappa Darshanapur
  • JD(S): Amin Reddy

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