Vijayapura Candidates List – Karnataka Elections 2018

During the British rule i.e before the Independence, Vijayapura was under the rule of Deshmukhs, Nadagoudas, Patils, Gowdas, Malegowdas and Policegowdas. Post-Independence, in the democracy, the Patils and Gowdas continue to rule Vijayapura district.

Vijayapura Candidates list

One seat in eight constituencies in Vijayapur district is reserved for Scheduled Tribes, while six out of the remaining 7 constituencies are under Gowda and Patil’s Darbar. Water Resources Minister Dr. M.B Patil represents Obleshwar, Indi Constituency has Yashavantarayagouda Vittalagouda Patil, Devara Hipparagi Constituency has A.S Patil Nadahalli. Shivanand S Patil being the MLA of Basavana Bagewadi, and Muddebihal has C.S Nadagoud.

Not only the ruling MLAs are Patils but the majority of opposition also has Patil’s, Desai’s and Gowda’s. Former MLA Ravikanta Patil, who was a KJP candidate in the Indi Constituency has also asked BJP for the ticket.

So in total, in 7 constituencies approximately 15-20 Patils and Gowdas are expected to contest in Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018. This time in Vijayapura it is a clear battle between Patils and Gowdas.

Below is the Vijayapura Candidates list for upcoming Karnataka Elections 2018

Vijayapura Candidates List

1. Constituency Name: Vijayapura

Present MLA: Makbul S Bagawan (INC)

  • BJP: Basavanagouda Patil Yetnal
  • Congress: Abdul Hameed Mushrif
  • JD(S): Bellubbi Sangappa Kallappa

2. Constituency Name: Devar Hippargi

Present MLA: Aminappagouda Sanganagouda Patil (Nadahalli) (INC)

  • BJP: Somanagowda Patil
  • Congress: Bapugoud S Patil
  • JD(S): Bhimanagouda B Patil

3. Constituency Name: Sindgi

Present MLA: Bhusanur Ramesh Baiappa (BJP)

  • BJP: Bhusanur Ramesh Baiappa
  • Congress: Sali Mallanna Ningappa
  • JD(S): M.C Managuli

4. Constituency Name: Indi

Present MLA: Yashavantarayagouda Vittalagouda Patil (INC)

  • BJP: Dayasagar Patil
  • Congress: Yashavantarayagouda Vittalagouda Patil
  • JD(S): B D Patil

5. Constituency Name: Basavana Bagevadi

Present MLA: Shivanand S Patil (INC)

  • BJP: Sangaraj Desai
  • Congress: Shivanand S Patil
  • JD(S): Somanagouda B Patil

6. Constituency Name: Muddebihal

Present MLA: Appall Urf Channabasavaraj Shankarao Nadagoud (INC)

  • BJP: A S Patil Nadahalli
  • Congress: Appall Urf Channabasavaraj Shankarao Nadagoud
  • JD(S): Mangaladevi Shantagouda Biradar

7. Constituency Name: Babaleshwar

Present MLA: M.B.Patil (INC)

  • BJP: Vijugowda Patil
  • Congress: M.B. Patil
  • JD(S): No Candidate

8. Constituency Name: Nagthan

Present MLA: Raju Alagur (INC)

  • BJP: Gopal Govind Karajol
  • Congress: Katakadond Vittal Dondiba
  • JD(S): Devanand Chauhan

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