How to Search Your Name in Voter List? Explained!

An Electoral roll or voters list is a list of names of all eligible voters who are ordinarily residing in an assembly constituency. If you are a resident of a particular constituency and an eligible voter your name will be enlisted in the electoral list of that constituency by the registering authority. Search Your Name in Voter List before going to vote and confirm your polling booth and part number.

Search Your Name in Voter List

Note: NRIs who have temporarily left the country and do not have citizenship in the country in which they reside can also apply for their names to be enlisted.

–> Eligibility requirements for enrolling your name in the electoral list

Voter’s participation plays an integral role in the democratic process of a country. A citizen who has attained the age of 18 years is eligible to vote. As per the Representation of the People Act, 1950, the person should be 18 years of age on 1st January of the concerned year in order to be enrolled in the electoral list.A citizen is eligible if he or she has attained the age of 18 on the qualifying date.

  • The enrollment will be done only at the ordinary place of residence.
  • Enrollment for voting can be only at one constituency.
  • NRIs can apply remotely online using Form 6A. The place of residence will be as per the passport.
  • Service voters eligible to vote will be deemed to be an ordinary resident at their listed home address.
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–> Ways to Search Your Name in Voter List:

1. Visit which is the home page of Cheif Electoral Officer, name in voter list2. Scroll down and click “Search my name in voter list”On clicking “Search my name in voter list” you will be directed to heresearch name in voter listThere are two ways to Search Your Name in Voter List.

1. Search using EPIC number:

search name in voter listElectoral Photo Id Card (EPIC) number is a unique number present on the Voter ID card of every name in voter listTo Search Your Name in Voter List, if you have the EPIC number then select “Search with EPIC number” and then enter your district and Epic number and click ‘search’.Search Your Name in Voter ListIf your name is present in the electoral list, your details will be displayed.



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2. Search using the name and other details:

If you could not find your name using EPIC number or if you do not have EPIC number handy, then click the option “search using name and other details”

search name in voter list

On clicking this option you will have to enter your district, your name, your relation’s name, sex and assembly constituency.

search name in voter list

If your entry is present in the electoral list, your details will be displayed.

3. Search using Part Number:

The Part Number is a code that indicates the voter’s area of residence. The Part Number is an essential information that helps in identifying the voter’s constituency. From applying for a Voter ID to making changes, and cancellation of the ID, availing passport related services, the Part Number plays a significant role.

The simple way to find your part number is by seeing your family member’s or neighbor’s voter ID card. The details will be mentioned on the reverse side of the voter’s ID. You will need to look for the information that says ‘Part Number and Name’. Considering the fact that Part Numbers are assigned based on local regions, this method is comparatively useful.

After finding your Part Number, visit and select “View Electoral rolls”.

search name in voter list

Then click the District Name to view the list of Assembly Constituencies

search name in voter list

After selecting your district, you have to click on the Assembly Constituency to view the List of Parts.

search name in voter list

After selecting your assembly constituency you need to select your polling station to find the electoral list

Search Your Name in Voter List

After entering your polling station you will get the pdf of the electoral list of that particular polling station if your entry is present in the list you can vote in that particular polling station.

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