Gadag Candidates List – Karnataka Elections 2018

Candidates list of Gadag district which includes 5 constituencies namely, Gadag, Nargund, Ron, Shirhatti and Kundgol. Read below to know more about Gadag Candidates List.

Gadag Candidates List

Gadag Candidates List

1. Constituency Name: Gadag

Present MLA: H K Patil (INC)

  • BJP: Anil Menasinakai
  • Congress:  H K Patil
  • BSP: Mehaboobsab Sompur

2. Constituency Name: Nargund

Present MLA: B.R. Yavagal (INC)

  • BJP: C C Patil
  • Congress: B R Yavagal
  • JD(s): Girish I Patil

3. Constituency Name: Ron

Present MLA: Gurupadagouda Sanganagouda Patil (INC)

  • BJP: Kalakappa Bandi
  • Congress: Gurupadagouda Sanganagouda Patil
  • JD(s): Doddameti Ravindranath Jambunath

4. Constituency Name: Shirahatti

Present MLA: Doddamani Ramakrishna Shiddalingappa (INC)

  • BJP: Ramanna Lamani
  • Congress: Doddamani Ramakrishna Shiddalingappa
  • JD(s): Chandrakanth Subhas Kadrolli

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