A fake pre-poll survey puts Congress and BJP in a worry

A private survey agency CHS conducted a pre-poll survey that strongly predicted, in the upcoming “Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018” both Congress and BJP should win their current strategies and work hard in the next three to four months if they want to bolt ahead of the other.

fake pre-poll survey

The agency claimed that it had surveyed 2,000 people in each constituency, making it a mammoth exercise. And it had some interesting observations to share. According to the highlights shared by the agency, the lower castes are still with the Congress but the upper castes have moved away from it. It also said that the image of the ruling party has taken a beating in the last five years and CM Siddaramaiah’s Ahinda policy is not yielding expected results.

However, the most interesting observation was that announcing a Dalit chief minister before the elections could help the Congress gain some lost ground.

The CHS survey report:


This prediction was sent to several WhatsApp groups that also feature politicians.

The Congress in Karnataka has filed a petition with Bengaluru City police against the private firm which carried this pre-poll survey.

A vice-president of the state Congress committee, Professor K E Radhakrishna who heads the party’s media cell, has filed the complaint with the police commissioner naming local firm CHS Surveys and its owner Deepak Avasthi. Radhakrishna said the false survey was conducted by CHS Surveys and the results showing reduced numbers for the party was intended to hurt its prospects in the forthcoming polls.

“At a time when the people of the state are wondering about the numbers the state Assembly elections will throw up, some motivated organisations have published a fake survey on social media with the intention of influencing voters,’’ said the petition filed with the police by the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.

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Congress under the net!

This survey made many in Congress and BJP suspect the hand of state Congress president Dr. G Parameshwara behind the survey. A Dalit, Parameshwara has been KPCC president for the past eight years. He had lost the 2013 Assembly polls by a big margin.

Parameshwara strongly denied his involvement in the survey and alleged that some anti-Congress elements were behind it. Speaking to a news channel, he said he had already filed a case against the CHS and unknown people with the cyber cell of police. “I suspect the involvement of some miscreants. I have nothing to do with it. The Congress is comfortably winning Karnataka Assembly polls. I have asked party people not to worry about such surveys,” he said.

Gowdas suspected!

Among those who received the survey on WhatsApp, some said the findings were shared with them by the JDS media managers and fingers are also being pointed at the Gowdas. A senior journalist who has been covering the JDS for decades told a news channel on a condition of anonymity that it could be the handiwork of the Gowdas to create a huge rift between OBC leader Siddaramaiah and Dalit Parameshwara by raising the bogey of a Dalit CM.

“There is one more reason for it. All pre-poll surveys are giving the JDS less than 30 seats. It has upset the Gowdas. This survey gives them almost 70 seats. Who will benefit from it?” he asked.

Speaking to a news channel, JDS chief and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda rubbished these claims. He said, “We have nothing to do with it. Entire state knows that relationship between CM and KPCC chief is not good. No need to conduct a survey for that. Actually, the survey has given us lesser seats. We will be the single largest party this time”.

BJP denies accepting too!

The BJP also trashed the survey. Its CM face, BS Yeddyurappa, said that BJP would come to power on its own and there was no need of a survey to tell that.

While all the three parties are playing the blame game, the main culprit is yet to be found.


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