Actor Upendra Launches New Political Party ‘Karnataka Prajnavantha Janata Party’ – KPJP

Upendra Launches New Political Party

Upendra Launches New Political Party

Sandalwood Actor Upendra Launches New Political Party ‘Karnataka Prajnavantha Janata Party’ today at the Gandhi Bhavan in Bengaluru. This came weeks after he took the political plunge.

At the inauguration, Upendra said that it was not his party but a party for the people. ” I have just created a platform for you. Those who are passionate about the cause can join me. It has always been my dream to make a change,” Upendra said.

Donning a khakhi uniform, the actor said that the party would not focus on the personalities in it. “Our work towards helping create a better society is important. Not the person who is working towards it. The bigger goal is what matters,” Upendra said.

The actor also announced that the KPJP will focus on the most important needs of the people. He also invited all members of the public who had ideas for how to improve society and the state to come forward and contribute to the party. “This is an appeal. If anyone shares our objectives and have ideas to help realize these objectives can come join us,” he said.

The objectives of the party that he listed were, education, health insurance for all, agricultural development, good infrastructure, smart villages, encouraging small-scale industries and promoting local talent.

“We have so much unharnessed talent. People are going through schools mechanically. There needs to be a change. When local talent is harnessed, there can be an upliftment of rural communities,” Upendra said. The party’s app and website will be launched on November 10. Upendra Launches New Political Party

The party will contest elections in all Assembly Constituencies in 2018. “You may say that there are only six months for the elections and that we may not win. Making an effort to bring in change is important. Giving up is not a chance,” he said.

Upendra also said that the need of the hour in politics is micro-planning. “The people in rural communities have been neglected. It is not enough that huge amounts are set aside for various schemes. What is happening to this money? Nobody is asking that. We need micro-level planning,” he said.

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“Leaders come out during election time and announce that they have implemented so many schemes which have not happened in reality. What we lack is transparency. People must be able to access information on every level of schemes being implemented. They need officers who will explain to them every step of the way. That’s what our party aims at doing,” he said. The main goal of the KPJP is to bring in transparency and restore the trust of the people, he added.


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