2013 Elections: Candidates Big Victory Margin

In 2013 Karnataka Assembly Elections, BJP has had a huge defeat. From 110 seats in 2008 Assembly Elections to only 40 seats in 2013 Assembly Elections, BJP lost miserably to Congress.

Here are the details of candidates who won the 2013 Assembly Elections by a higher margin. 
In the pic: Prakash Hukkeri

Constituency Number: 2
Constituency Name: Chikkodi-Sadalga
Winner Candidate and Party: Prakash Hukkeri, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: Basavanni Rudrappa Sangappol, BJP
No of votes for Winner: 102,337
No of votes for Loser: 25,649
Winning Margin: 76,588

In the pic: Balachandra Jarkiholi

Constituency Number: 8
Constituency Name: Arabhavi
Winner Candidate and Party: Balachandra Jarkiholi, BJP
Lost Candidate and Party: Utagi Ramappa, Congress
No of votes for Winner: 99,283
No of votes for Loser: 24,062
Winning Margin: 75,221

Constituency Number: 7
Constituency Name: Hukkeri
Winner Candidate and Party: Umesh Katti, BJP
Lost Candidate and Party: Ravi Basavaraju Karale, Congress
No of votes for Winner: 81,810
No of votes for Loser: 24,484
Winning Margin: 57,326

In the pic: S S Malikarjun

Constituency Number: 106
Constituency Name: Davanagere North
Winner Candidate and Party: S S Mallikarjun, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: S A Ravindranath, BJP
No of votes for Winner: 81,101
No of votes for Loser: 30,821
Winning Margin: 57,326

In the pic: Ramalinga Reddy

Constituency Number: 172
Constituency Name: BTM Layout
Winner Candidate and Party: Ramalinga Reddy, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: N Sudhakar, BJP
No of votes for Winner: 69,712
No of votes for Loser: 20,664
Winning Margin: 49,048

In the pic: P Rajeev

Constituency Number: 5
Constituency Name: Kudachi
Winner Candidate and Party: P Rajeev, BSR, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: Gatage Shyamabheema, Congress
No of votes for Winner: 71,057
No of votes for Loser: 24,823
Winning Margin: 46,234

In the pic: Santhosh Lad

Constituency Number: 75
Constituency Name: Kalaghatagi
Winner Candidate and Party: Santhosh Lad, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: N C Mallappa, KJP
No of votes for Winner: 76,802
No of votes for Loser: 31,141
Winning Margin: 45,661

In the pic: Appaji M G

Constituency Number: 112
Constituency Name: Bhadravathi
Winner Candidate and Party: Appaji M G, JD(S)
Lost Candidate and Party: B K Sangameshwara, IND
No of votes for Winner: 78,370
No of votes for Loser: 34,271
Winning Margin: 44,099

Constituency Number: 189
Constituency Name: Mandya
Winner Candidate and Party: M H Ambareesh, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: M Srinivas, JD(S)
No of votes for Winner: 90,329
No of votes for Loser: 47,392
Winning Margin: 42,937

In the pic: Priya Krishna

Constituency Number: 166
Constituency Name: Govindarajanagar
Winner Candidate and Party: Priya Krishna, Congress
Lost Candidate and Party: H Ravindra, BJP
No of votes for Winner: 72,654
No of votes for Loser: 30,194
Winning Margin: 42,460


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